[Customerconnect] Service Release for RealSecure Desktop Protection is Now Available!

From: ISS Customer Relations (bpq@iss.net)
Date: 12/16/02

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    To: customerconnect@iss.net
    From: ISS Customer Relations <bpq@iss.net>
    Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:00:35 -0500

    Service Release for RealSecure® (formerly BlackICE™) Desktop Protection
    products, including RealSecure Desktop Protector and BlackICE Agent for
    Server is now available for download at the ISS website at

    This release includes:

    * RealSecure Desktop Protector 3.5 eeh
    * BlackICE Agent for Server 3.5 eeh

    This release resolves the following issues:

    * Resolved issues in the SOCKS and VNC parsers
    * Enhanced bisensor to reload when a change occurs in the configuration
    * Resolved issue in the driver that caused BSOD in some systems running
       Seibel applications or Cisco router configuration changes using telnet
    * Resolved intermittent lost of GUID in some environments
    * Resolved an issue with the PPTP malformed event
    * Resolved the issue where No Adapters could be opened with ICE Adapter
    * Enhanced the VPN API
    * Removed a reported product vulnerability.
    * Resolved an installation issue if the install path is greater than 27
    * Resolved crash in ProUtil when baselining large files.
    * Resolved the issue where the BlackICE shortcut icons are not displayed
       in WinXP.

    For more information on this release, please contact the

    * For additional product information:
         - http://www.iss.net/support/documentation/

    * For sales and professional services information:
         - sales@iss.net
         - 800-776-2362 (U.S. and Canada)
         - +1-404-236-2600 (International)
         - Contact your local ISS reseller

    * For support information, including ISS' Technical Support
         - Customer Support
         - Technical Support Knowledgebase

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