[Xpress] Internet Scanner XPU 6.12 is Now Available!

From: ISS Customer Relations (bpq@iss.net)
Date: 06/14/02

To: xpress@iss.net
From: ISS Customer Relations <bpq@iss.net>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 14:31:08 -0400

Internet Scanner X-Press Update 6.12 is now available from the ISS Download
Center: <http://www.iss.net/download/>. Internet Scanner XPU 6.12
contains three new checks to address vulnerabilities in Apache, IIS, and
Microsoft SQLXML.


The new checks in this XPU are listed below.

Risk VulnID Check Name Category
==== ====== ========== =========
High 9249 ApacheChunkedEncodingBo Web Scan
High 9327* IisHtrChunkedEncodingBo NT Critical Issues
High 9328* MssqlSqlxmlIsapiBo NT Critical Issues

* Please note that these checks require administrative privileges on
scanned hosts.


XPU 6.12 is for use with Internet Scanner version 6.2.1. Internet Scanner
6.2.1 is available on the ISS Download
Center: <http://www.iss.net/eval/eval.php>.

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