[Xpress] Internet Scanner X-Press Update 6.10 is Now Available!

From: ISS Customer Relations (bpq@iss.net)
Date: 05/21/02

To: xpress@iss.net
From: ISS Customer Relations <bpq@iss.net>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 10:28:45 -0400

Internet Scanner X-Press Update 6.10 is now available from the ISS
Download Center: http://www.iss.net/download/. Internet Scanner XPU 6.10
contains 24 new checks and fixes for 16 existing checks. XPU 6.10 focuses
on Oracle Application Server and Windows XP.


Operating Environment Protection. Windows XP is a theme of this
XPU, and XPU 6.10 includes ten checks to identify system configurations
that could weaken your security posture.
Application Protection. XPU 6.10 includes five checks to address
recent vulnerabilities in Oracle Application Server. In addition the XPU
includes checks to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Outlook and
Internet Explorer, as well as discovery of FTP servers.
Peer-to-Peer Applications and Remote Control. XPU 6.10 includes a
check to identify a recent high-risk vulnerability in MSN Messenger as
well as a check to identify systems with remote administrator services running.


The new checks in this XPU are listed below.
Risk VulnID Check Name Category
==== ====== ========== =========
High 8457 OracleAppserverLocationBo Web Scan
High 8449 OracleAppserverSoapComponents Web Scan
Medium 8455 OracleAppserverApacheServices Web Scan
Medium 8453 OracleAppserverConfigFileAccess Web Scan
Medium 8452 OracleAppserverPlsqlWebInterface Web Scan
High 9041* MsnChatcontrolResdllBo Instant Messaging
High 8394 CdeDtspcdRunning Daemons
Medium 8964 RemoteAdministratorRunning Daemons
High 9090* IeMs02023Patch NT Critical Issues
Medium 7941* IeCodebaseExecutePrograms NT Critical Issues
Medium 8810* OutlookLevel1removeExist NT Critical Issues
Medium 8888* WinxpClientSigningDisabled NT Critical Issues
Medium 8917* WinxpCredentialStorageAllowed NT Critical Issues
Medium 8887* WinxpDigitalEncryptionDisabled NT Critical Issues
Medium 8885* WinxpDigitalSigningDisabled NT Critical Issues
Medium 8886* WinxpSamAnonymousEnumeration NT Critical Issues
Medium 8891* WinxpServerSigningDisabled NT Critical Issues
Medium 8889* WinxpSigningClientAgrees NT Critical Issues
Medium 8890* WinxpSigningServerAgrees NT Critical Issues
Medium 8892* WinxpStrongSessionkeyDisabled NT Critical Issues
Low 8918* WinxpRdaEnabled NT Critical Issues
Low 8978* FtpBpftpInstalled FTP
Low 8979 FtpNonstandardRunning FTP
Low 8975* RaidenFtpdPresent FTP

* Please note that these checks require administrative privileges on
scanned hosts.


The following checks have been improved in XPU 6.10.
AdminBlankPw (160)
BackdoorY3kRat (4496)
Fpnwclnt checksum (49)
Fw1GettopoNoauth (5172)
HttpCgiImagemapBo (3351)
IisIsapiIdqBo (6705)
IisSamplesCodebrws (2383)
NetsapeGetBo (2384)
NfsCache (73)
OutlookDateOverflow (4953)
RAS (16)
Registry (99)
RloginSpoof (105)
RshSpoof (113)
TelnetdOptionTelrevBo (6875)


XPU 6.10 is for use with Internet Scanner version 6.2.1. Internet Scanner
6.2.1 is available on the ISS Download Center:

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