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Date: 05/01/02

Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 14:11:19 -0400
To: <>

        Mailing list reminder...

        This is a reminder, sent out periodically, about your mailing
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how to use it to change it or unsubscribe from a list.


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        If you want to be removed from any and all mailing lists at ISS,
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will be processed by a program and will not be seen by a person, so
comments, special requests, or other instructions will be lost and not
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        Do NOT reply to this message if you wish to remain on these lists!
If you reply to this message, or this message bounces, or an autoresponder
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lists. Replies to this address will not be read by a person, it will
only be processed by a program which will unsubscribe you from all
addresses at ISS.

        Regarding vacation programs and autoresponders. These applications
should never, under any circumstances, respond to E-Mail with a "Precedence"
of of "bulk" or "list". If your autoresponder responds to this message,
resulting in your removal from this list, it is misconfigured and needs
to be corrected prior to resubscribing.

        If you accidently reply or a vacation program replies and you
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        For future reference if you wish to unsubscribe, the current
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