RealSecure 5.x X-Press Updates

From: ISS Customer Relations (
Date: 11/07/01

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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 19:00:02 -0500
From: ISS Customer Relations <>
Subject: RealSecure 5.x X-Press Updates  

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Dear ISS Customer:

In August 2001 we notified you of plans to discontinue X-Press Updates for
RealSecure 5.x when RealSecure 6.5 ships, currently anticipated in December
2001. Based on your feedback, we have changed these plans and are extending
X-Press Updates for RealSecure 5.x through March 31, 2002.

The original plans were determined through extensive customer input
regarding projected upgrade timeframes. The focus of these discussions was
customers with large geographically distributed sensor deployments, which
are more complex to upgrade. While many customers have completed their
upgrades, some customers are taking longer to transition to 6.x than
originally projected and will not complete their upgrades until Q1 2002.

In recognition of the challenge that this upgrade represents for large
deployments, we are extending signature updates for RealSecure 5.x through
March 31, 2002 through a combination of X-Press Updates and user-defined
signatures in Q1. Under this plan, one X-Press Update for RealSecure 5.x is
planned for Q1 to cover serious new attacks. While we will strive to keep
the content of this XPU close to the XPUs produced for 6.5 and 6.0, we
cannot guarantee parity across the versions.

As always, X-Force will continue to protect customers with user-defined
signatures for serious exploits through X-Force Alerts, with the
user-defined signatures they provide also tested on RealSecure 5.x prior to
release. This is an additional level of protection that you have when
serious exploits arise between XPUs.

We are considering the timeframe for RealSecure 6.0 XPUs after RealSecure
6.5 is released, and will announce plans in early Q1 2002.

Those customers receiving Managed Security Services (MSS) through ISS
should note that all relevant software versions will be upgraded prior to
the discontinuation of X-Press Updates for any given release of RealSecure.
MSS customers will be contacted prior to the start of the upgrade process
for scheduling and/or notification. Questions surrounding MSS product
upgrades can be addressed through our customer advocacy group.

We hope that this plan will meet your needs. If you have questions or
concerns, please contact your ISS sales representative. Thank you for your
continued confidence in Internet Security Systems.

Best regards,

Steve Gant
Vice President of Solutions Management
Internet Security Systems