[Full-disclosure] Vulnerability in Gentoo hardened

El 24/04/12 14:41, Григорий Братислава escribió:
Is good evening.
Is good afternoon.
I is would like to warn you about is vulnerability in
Backtrack is all version.
I is want to advise you on one failure in Gentoo Hardened at all types
Backtrack Linux is penetration tester is system. Is come complete with
tool for to make hacking for penetration tester.
Gentoo Hardened is advanced security is system. Is come complete with
hardened nucleum for to make at system is securer
In is booting Backtrack, vulnerability exist in booting for when start
if attacker is edit grub, attacker can bypass restricted user and is
boot into admin account. E.g.:
In is making Gentoo Hardened, failure exist in sysadmin at when usage if
attacker is rubber hose, attacker can override authentication and is
make admin account. Making simple program. E.g.:
1. Apply rubber hose for sysadmin
2. Ask at password and try it.
3. If error make 1.

I is will make this into video for bypassing security in Backtrack for
to post on InfoSecInstitute
I is will be this for video by bypassing security at Gentoo Hardened or
to post by Youtube. I is named "Reservoir Dogs".

PD: Bad English written on purpose, please forgive me for any correct
grammar I may have used :P
PD2: Григорий seeing your historial I think the mail was a joke but
anyway, just in the improbable case it may not be:
1. Bad administration issues are not global to a distro issues.
2. Make sure a vulnerability is not a not so secure by design feature.
3. Really if you ever want to write a paper or something make sure you
get it readen by at least two or three english speaking partners for
your own sake.

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