[Full-disclosure] Informations about old Sun-java-System-Web-Server/7.0

Hello list!

I recently discovered that a sensible state service is running the
mentioned java web server (Sun-java-System-Web-Server/7.0).
After some quick wikipedia researches, I found out that it's quiet old
(2009: opensourced by Sun; 2010: renamed by Oracle)..

Does any of you know about security holes, or, better, known bugs of
this app ?

My aim is to point them, so that the state may consider to change it
(for something up-to-date, or, better, real opensource)

I know that our dear Oracle loves to keep security holes/bugs secret,
but hey, we're on Internet. Anything can be known ;). I just don't know
where to search - google (and others) return the default webpage served
by a LOT of servers (yeah, the "it works" thing)...

Thanks in advance!


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