[Full-disclosure] Drupal 7.x Search Module - Full Path Disclosure

Drupal 7.x Search Module - Full Path Disclosure

Full path disclosure due to insufficient input validation in the search module.

Performing a search with the "keys" parameter set as an array, an error message shows the full path of the Drupal installation, leading to possible further attacks.
For the error messages to be displayed, php.ini's display_errors must be On.
Authentication: Not Needed

Correct input validation for the "key" parameters
Exploit PoC

Affected Versions

Versions 7 < 7.12 are affected.
Not tested on 6.

Ursu Mihail [ http://securitate.md ]
Disclosure Timeline

Reported to vendor on 1 Mar 2012.
Response from vendor:
Disclosure of the path is not considered a security risk.
Drupal has a configuration setting which allows PHP warnings to be printed to the screen for debugging purposes... For production websites, it is a good idea to turn this off, and the messages will not be displayed.

Unfortunately for them, many sites display errors in production.

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