[Full-disclosure] pentesting market

We have great news for you. PenTest is starting new project - PenTest
Market! This new magazine will be devoted just to pentesting business. If
you are curious about:
- what emplyers expect from pentesters/ IT security specialists?
- how to become a pentester?
- how to recruit ideal pentester?
- how does pentesting market work?
- how to start your own IT security company?
- what do clients expect from pentesting services?
and more... check it out!

We are starting soon, Stay Alert!

If you want to take part in creation of this magazine or have any
questions, please contact us at krzysztof.marczyk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We will
respond asap.

Krzysztof Marczyk
PenTest Market Magazine Editor
Software Media Sp z o.o.
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