Re: [Full-disclosure] The Mystery of the Duqu Framework

On 03/10/2012 03:51 AM, fd@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Haven't seen this (or much discussion around this) here yet, so I
figured I'd share.

From the description, it looks like someone pushed some code from a
Lisp[1] variant (like Common Lisp, which is preprocesed into ANSI C by
GCL, for example, before compilation) into a C++ DLL. Normal in the
deper end of Linux dev or Hurd communities, but definitely not standard
practice in any established industry that makes use of Windows.

I could be wrong, I didn't take the time to walk myself through the
decompile with any thoroughness and compare it to code I generate.
Anyway, I have no idea the differences between how VC++ and g++ do
things -- so my analysis would probably be trash. But from the way the
Mr. Soumenkov describes things it seems this, or something similar,
could be the case and why the code doesn't conform to what's expected in
a C++ binary.


1. [Caveat] I say "Lisp" but some other languages come to mind as well;
maybe Haskell would come out that way. I'm not sure because I'm most
familiar with Lisp and know it can be cobbled with C/C++ without
complications because of the way most of its C-based implementations
work. Anyway, if I were looking for a lock on how this code was
produced, I would ignore C-based languages and focus instead on
languages that behave this way natively first, because I think that's
the least exotic explanation for the features this segment of code exhibits.

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