Re: [Full-disclosure] Why are phone internet operators using UK MoD and US DoD IP ranges in their networks?

On Tue, 21 Feb 2012 05:22:04 +0400, "Andrey G. Sergeev (AKA Andris)" said:

This causes a ton of security issues, why would they do this?

Just because some network admins are lazy and dumb and even don't want
to read RFC 1918 and other BCPs.

Probably lazy. Probably *not* dumb. There was almost certainly a long internal
discussion of the relative costs and risks of deploying multiple 10/8 instances (and
having to deal with collisions between them), and sqatting on an allocated but
unrouted /8 like 7/8, 25/8, 40/8, and similar (and almost certainly *not* having
to deal with collisions).

And remember - this sort of squatting works Just Fine as long as the actual owner
doesn't advertise a route for the address space. And looking at the historical
looking-glass info at, it appears there's been more public announcements
of address space in 10/8 than there has been for 7/8. As a result, if you're trying
to build a resilient net, you should use addresses from 7/8 rather than 10/8. :)

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