Re: [Full-disclosure] Linksys Routers still Vulnerable to Wps vulnerability.

"Use Tomato-USB OS on them."

Besides you void warranty...
list of DD-WRT Supported routers:

E1000 supported
E1000 v2 supported
E1000 v2.1 supported
E1200 v1 ???
E1200 v2 ???
E1500 ???
E1550 ???
E2000 supported
E2100L supported
E2500 not supported
E3000 supported
E3200 supported
E4200 v1 not supported yet
E4200 v2 not supported
M10 ????
M20 ????
M20 v2 ????
RE1000 ????
WAG120N not supported
WAG160N not supported
WAG160N v2 not supported
WAG310G not supported
WAG320N not supported
WAG54G2 not supported
WAP610N not supported
WRT110 not supported
WRT120N not supported
WRT160N v1 supported
WRT160N v2 not supported
WRT160N v3 supported
WRT160NL supported
WRT310N v1 supported
WRT310N v2 not supported yet
WRT320N supported
WRT400N supported
WRT54G2 v1 supported
WRT54G2 v1.3 supported
WRT54G2 v1.5 not supported
WRT54GS2 v1 supported
WRT610N v1 supported
WRT610N v2 supported
X2000 not supported
X2000 v2 not supported
X3000 not supported.


"Fixing? Heh.

Aside from rate limiting WPS, there isn't much of a fix, and you can't turn it off either."

What about removing WuPS entirely?

WuPS is a total failure because:

1. Even if everything is fine 8 digits long is very weak because once you got the pin after 7 month - 2 years for example, you are completely pwned.

2. Pin number is fixed you can't change it to a longer number or maybe a string like "omgponnies"

3. Setting up a WPA2 password manually it's a piece of cake (even with keypad only cell phones), if some people are lazy, you don't have to weakening the security of a strong protocol.

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