Re: [Full-disclosure] [CVE-2012-0207] Linux IGMP Remote Denial Of Service

I release it because it worked for me INSIDE TWO VM's, I had no clue about the
checksum error. I didnt cripple it. It worked in my tests because I
bet the vmware

please... dude, it does not work without it, so, there is one person
thats already come forward, howmany more, before you just admit that,
you released it, knowing that bug was there, or, you simply got setup
maybe ? by not being the actual coder ? who knows, i did not read what
you just sent me, as, really that was private, you put it up
there...but, your not in the right this time dude, i mean, i still
love ya work and all but, you cannot tell me this crap, worked, as is,
i think maybe, you werre gioven perhaps a binary to use and used it,
and then maybe, did not bother to fix the code....or, you knew, and
ignored it. you cannot bullshit, a bullshitter :P

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