Re: [Full-disclosure] Ubuntu 11.10 now unsecure by default

On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 14:12:38 GMT, Darren Martyn said:

Valdis - I did not know the source had gotten THAT big, still, will be
interesting to explore parts of it that interest me - the TCP stack for a
start... Also, thanks for the advice on the book :)

As of this morning, Linus's git tree had:

[/usr/src/linux] find * -type f | xargs cat | wc -l

and we're still at 3.2.0-rc2. Almost certainly will tip over 15M by the time Linus
lets 3.2.0 escape. The linux-next tree (which will become 3.3) is already sitting at
somewhere north of 15.3M lines of code. Yes, we're averaging 100K lines of code
a month.

Network manager has one amusing flaw I noted on both Atheros and Broadcom
chipsets - it randomly suspends the Wireless card, requiring several
reboots to fix. I still have to figure it out, and it just annoys me in
general. Hence, making my own version of it.

Are you sure it's NetworkManager that's hosing things up, and not the driver
itself? "card hangs and takes a few reboots" sounds like a MadWifi issue
rather than NetworkManager - there's a *reason* MadWifi got deprecated in favor
of the ath[59]k drivers. ;)

Also, thanks for the advice on the mac80211, I was only familiar with
MadWiFi as my netbook for wardriving ran an older Atheros card (Acer Aspire
One from 2008). I will look into the mac80211 as soon as I can, the goal me
and my friends have is to release a "modified" Ubuntu with our own network
manager and some other Wireless auditing tools installed.

That's actually a reasonable goal easily achieved by 3-5 motivated people in
their spare time.

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