Re: [Full-disclosure] Ubuntu 11.10 now unsecure by default

The guest account has no password, but it's not possible to login remotely
with ssh.

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 5:28 PM, Dave <mrx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


What is the password for this guest account?
Is the password random generated?

Is remote access of any kind enabled by default for this guest account?

In what way is the guest account different from any of the half dozen or
so other accounts(with the obvious exception of access rights)
created during a default Ubuntu install?

How insecure is it really?

I am not an Ubuntu expert so these are genuine questions, I am far to busy
to research this at this time so I ask these questions in the hope
than an Ubuntu Guru comes forth and either allays all my/your/our fears(if
they exist) or scares me/us into action.


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