Re: [Full-disclosure] Microsoft Windows vulnerability in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2588516)

0day for ms, is not so hard, and, i hjave already explained one of
them to some people :)
but, i dont care, because, you dont have it, and, i do.
so, many people have 0days...whats wrong with this ? i found my own,
and, thats why i am happy to keep them. and, as i said, one, i have
discussed and, made a working scanner binary for.. so, i guess that
much, some people do know is true...
so, thats not rare atall.. you want to wonder about just wibndows,
imagine linux... and, there is , the imagination, is big there and
there is plenty and plenty of attacks still available on fully patched
NON grsec kernels :)
and yes, i have 0days of those, also.
enjoy.some get lucky, others just...suck..

On 12 November 2011 13:42, baqstabz <baqstabz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Judging by your posts I would go out on the edge and say that you have about
as much chance of having 0-day (yes, that is including xxs) as your mommy.
face it lol

Now please, stfu son, you're sounding like a total tardlump; otherwise we
will have to unleash the dragons and let you see what a 10k botnet feels

On 11/11/2011 23:26, xD 0x41 wrote:

Seeing how the wolves are, i ceertainly would bnot release it.
i am only saying, I am using cpp, and windows, and, the exploit
bypasses all protections, but, since you guys dont have the actual
real poc for it, i guess, i would not be saying anything more, and,
ill be leaving it, for the proper poc author, to make that choice,
wich, personally, i would never handout to a bunch of disrepectful
people, as i see, when this is, nothing, i habve held onto, atleast 2
GOOd MS 0days for years, you rally think, i will handout the right way
todo this ?
pfft..   yer right, lets go hand everyone the ms bug :PP ofc, why
would i ever not want a 10 k botnet up in a day...  hell yea!
i would neverm, give more about this, on this topic, because, i have
seen how people are now on this list and, saddens me that half of you
do not have a brain. unfortunately..and, saince i dont wish to break
any deals made with ms etc, then, i cannot say anything, i dont know,
why this is hard to understand..and, i will NOT handout a working
scanner, regardless...
and, believe it, it does NOT take 49days atall to exploit... theres
alot, you dont know..yet.

dont ask me further, please.
i should never have even said anything, again, i wont make that
mistake again, the proof, will as always be n the pudding...

On 12 November 2011 10:17, Michal Zalewski<lcamtuf@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

next time, i wont say shit, and, believe it.

Well it's just that the attack you are describing will be thwarted by
setting a sticky bit on /tmp, and you have not demonstrated otherwise.


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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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