Re: [Full-disclosure] Facebook Attach EXE Vulnerability

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 2:33 PM, xD 0x41 <secn3t@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bounty, another nice way to say *screw you but here anyhow...*
I am shocked they offer so little ($500 usd for remote-code injection) ,

Actually, it's $500 _or more_. I've lost the reference, but I think
they paid about $3000 for one case. Perhaps an RCE? Anyway, your
assumption is off.

one remote code injection bug for FB in a security environment wich is
not white, and may sell the bug for upto more than 5000,

You can't compare whitehat vs. blackhat programs. In the latter, you
cross moral and legal lines. Most people aren't willing to be such a

Perhaps you should reserve your wrath for companies that offer
$fuckall for good bugs? :)


because if a
RCE or other was there, something wich was 'seadable' or wormable,
then theyre bounty should be far higher, because that doesnt even
match up to what many 0days would sell for.
If someone had a rce for this and were to worm it, now thats a million
dollar botnet... that would be for those who could make from it
something and there is no shortage of spammers all to happy to take
control of 2million or more pcs...
Thats just one scenarion, in wich they could loose somuch data and
info, and in exchange offer 500bux.
What a slap in the face, FB should be ashamed of that price and bump
it up atleast for more serious stuff.
EXE attachment would be medium to high risk, they would be able to now
patch it, after first they did not acknowledge, but also did not have
the bounty also... only recently they have added this, with what, a
crappy 500 bux, multi million dollar enterprises, wich are saved by
these disclosures, and they are paying pittance.

Welcome to the Shame-Files FB, your a disgrace to the good people who
are helping you.
Nice bug, and, atleast you worked with them to reproduce, you realise
they would have gave you 0 $ if they had repoduced this, so again,
shame on them for only acknowledging this when they failed at
Theat 'bounty' page screams to me of the actual owners writing, and, I
bet he even probably hand wrote that, because he is a TIGHT FTSTED
pr**k , someone should put a /blackhat/ folder there, but then, its
not worth the time :) (no bug payout rofl...)
Notice also, D0S is not part of this, well then this would be funny if
one were to find a 0dayer in FB (ala apache d0s byterange style) ,
well dont bother disclosing it , just run it on a loop from theyre own
pages, afterall, whats the use to disclose such a shitty thing (yes
this is true it is shitty but, is all cases same...)
So summary is, Remote code injection or other, will get ya 500$ ,but,
if you goto an UG blackhat site, you might get 5k and up :P
xheers and again, thanks for being a good person and helping the
citizens of FB, really tho, you have, probably saved me even, 20
removals from my sisters PC :P
So, yes, I thank you and FD surely would thank you but, FB dont give a damn :P
If they have anyone on this list who is also in theyre secteam well,
you really have a 'suck-ass' bounty, wich should be looked over,
because seriously, what worth would be it to give you anything, when
it is directly cheaper from wqebsites to buy it, and not have any
disclosure atall.
I guess this is something YOU need to ponder, not me, and im glad for
that, and Im glad again, i dont use the shitty service, and never
Enjoy, have a great day!

On 30 October 2011 05:12, Nathan Power <np@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That was the original program I was participating in.  Facebook has agreed
to pay me a bounty for this bug.

Nathan Power

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 7:17 PM, Ulises2k <ulises2k@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You know this?  ;)

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 17:49, Nathan Power <np@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I would also like to note this vulnerability was reported responsibly in
regards to full disclosure.

Nathan Power
On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 1:38 PM, Nathan Power <np@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I was basically told that Facebook didn't see it as an issue and I was
puzzled by that. Ends up the Facebook security team had issues reproducing
my work and that's why they initially disgarded it. After publishing, the
Facebook security team re-examined the issue and by working with me they
seem to have been able to reproduce the bug.

Nathan Power

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 11:18 AM, Pablo Ximenes <pablo@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Not fixed yet. At least not yesterday when I checked.
Nathan, didn't Facebook ask for some time to fix this bug after they
have acknowledged it?

Pablo Ximenes
Em 27/10/2011, às 19:29, Joshua Thomas <rappercrazzy@xxxxxxxxx>

can't believe such was on FB  .... wahahaha !!! lol ....rofl ...

When was this discovered and fixed ?

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 1:02 AM, Nathan Power <np@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

1. Summary:
When using the Facebook 'Messages' tab, there is a feature to attach
a file.
Using this feature normally, the site won't allow a user to attach an
executable file.
A bug was discovered to subvert this security mechanisms. Note, you
do NOT have
to be friends with the user to send them a message with an

Read the rest of this advisory here:

Enjoy :)

Nathan Power
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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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