[Full-disclosure] GooglePlus Readers and Privacy issues


Some Google Plus readers might reveal your IP address and interesting
technical information while you read some kind of "malicious" G+ profiles.

It's related to the structure of the web page of G+ profiles and the way
they are loaded/displayed with such a client.

Example of vulnerable G+ client: the iPhone Google+ app is vulnerable to
this privacy issue.

More public information shared with a quick note on our blog:

If you want to do a quick test of your own G+ client, just read our G+
profile, and check if your IP address is revealed in the red box (picture):
=> https://plus.google.com/109460715054555475038

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trainings: HITB Kuala Lumpur 2011 and Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2011.

Best regards,

Laurent Oudot, CEO TEHTRI-Security

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