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On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 9:07 AM, <Valdis.Kletnieks@xxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 19 Jul 2011 21:26:33 EDT, Jeffrey Walton said:
to indict US leaders for their war crimes. And the UN Security Counsel is a
joke - it clearly needs to be permanently expanded from the big five.

Let's think this through - the primary reason the UN Security Council is a joke is
because for it to take any action requires unanimous votes from the 5 permanent
members plus at least 4 more votes from the 10 rotating members. And you want
to make things worse by making it *larger*?  A better fix would be to remove the
unilateral veto power from the 5 permanent members...
I'd take anything that improves and democratizes the process. Hell,
I'd look at an independent UK vote as an improvement. As it stands,
the Security Council is failing in its mission of "maintenance of
international peace and security".

If the council were fair and objective, I suspect the US would be
viewed as a state sponsor of terror on occasion. For example, its well
known that Reagan was an illegal arms dealer (Iran-Contragate). And it
was not lost upon me that some of Reagan's `freedom fighters` grew up
and their followers took flying lessons. I recall viewing Google
satellite images of Jenin after Israel got finished with - it looked
like post World War II Germany. At that time, Israel was killing
Palestinians at a rate of 3 to 1 and the US continued to aide the
country (with money and weapons). If you believe the documents are
authentic on WikiLeaks, over 90,000 civilians have died in Iraq since
the US invaded the sovereign nation. That sure sounds like a sponsor
of terror to me.

I was only in high school when the Soviet Union collapsed, but I knew
there were some negative effects like upsetting the balance of power.
Since the USSR fall, the US has been acting as the world's bully (with
the US and its allies acting with near total impunity). It embarrases
me as a citizen of the US, and saddens me that so many have died
because of US foreign policy.


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