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S3cC0n Security Conference Schedule

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Dear Security researchers,
S3cC0n, A Indian internet security researcher team invites you to join
us on 7th, 8th, and 9th of July for the annual discloser of exploits and
security researches. Last 2 year we are organizing this conference with 56
researchers. S3cC0n is proud to announce the launch of it security and
hacking conference at INDIA. This conference will bring together security
researchers , security professionals , vendors , Law enforcements agencies
from all over the country to a common platform to discuss latest research in
field of information security and in particular the major security threats
faced by everyone today .
S3cC0n is one of a kind of conference showcasing the latest research and
trends in information security by renowned security
Following topics are covered
Web application – Security is not separate
Cross interface attack (CIA)
Web Trend – Exploited browser
SQLXSS (SQL Injections XSS)
Remote Code execution in Dev
Document rendering attack
XML authoring flow
WAF Bypass Methods
Web Widget interface flaw
Persistent Redirection flaw
Declarative security
Content Delivery networks – Stringency
Many More Private 0days will be disclosed in conference...
Topic information with schedule of discussion topic and author name will
display soon.

For More details please shout mail [AT] s3cc0n@xxxxxxxxx

Best Regards,

S3cC0n Team

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