[Full-disclosure] [New Security Tool] INSECT Pro 2.6.1 release

Test your network security and audit your website using the same tools
as hackers.
INSECT Pro 2.6.1 is available for purchase right now worldwide through

* Run Faster: You not only want to make great security testing, you
want a nice performance
* Load Better: Major graphical interface and optimizations features
* Module Search: Ever wondered where that module? We have a built-in
search feature for you
* Improvements, and Changes As always, we've added a lot of other
features and optimizations
* The latest exploits found in the wild

We are always trying to be one step ahead of the competition, take a
visual tour of some of INSECT Pro most popular features and discover
INSECT Pro today!

Start here: http://www.insecurityresearch.com

Juan Sacco
Insecurity Research - Security auditing and testing software
Web: http://www.insecurityresearch.com
INSECT Pro 2.6.1 on track - Stay tunned

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