Re: [Full-disclosure] Sony: No firewall and no patches

On May 12, 2011, at 12:09 AM, phocean wrote:

I still don't see how the hell the typical web server will handle as much traffic as one of these Checkpoint, Cisco or whatever monsters.

That's the dread secret - they aren't really 'monsters'.

But on a large network with inter-vlan filtering, it matters a lot. Believe me, this one is based on my operational experience.

Size <> complexity, complexity <> size. They are orthogonal concepts. Small networks can be complex, large networks can be simple.

I still trust more the network stack of a Linux/BSD/IOS dedicated box than the one of a Windows Server.

Sure - but that has nothing to do with the 'sanity checks' and 'inspectors', which are custom-coded.

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