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On 4 May 2011 04:59, phil <jabea@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don’t agree, google is by far the biggest database of what user want and
look for. If you merge those database (google) and facebook that must make
some leet profiling. (especially when you think that you can easily find
where someone live with phone directory and you can match the ip by sector
too to match the google database)

"some leet profiling"
if you look at what netflix (supposedly anonymised) + imdb was able to
do, or the classic of AOL releasing their searches (again anonymised)
then a join of google with facebook is quite a scary prospect.
Especially as d of b + partial zip/postcode allows for
re-identification most of the time (i believe that d of b + state =
85% re-identification).
It wouldn't just be a selective subset but pretty much who, where,
when and probably why without too many non-Amish exceptions.


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