[Full-disclosure] psnhack - playstation network hack

Hello List,

quick update on the recent psnhack

IRC chat logs is for Feb 16th (does not disclose the real “usernames”
and it’s incomplete )






Below the full IRC logs for Feb 16th  with “real user names” and “time stamp”



*Related* IRC LOGS OF PSN HACKS (Logs are being updated here)


“Log system created and maintained by tpw_rules and his bot,
DoctorBot. Stats are generated approximately every 20 minutes.” (Full IRC log from
01-12-2011 to 04-29-2011 as of yet ) (#ps3dev @ EFNet stats
by tpw_rules)

DHS & FBI involvement !



Did Anonops hacked ?

anon "We didn't do it"


Kevin Stevens, security analyst with Trend Micro who informed about
it initially. (recent tweets)


killercube Kevin Stevens

This #PSNHack is turning into a bunch of FUD, it really is. I posted
up what I saw to warn people, not to incite the masses to create FUD.

9 hours ago

killercube Kevin Stevens


@KingNYC1 This is not BS. It is called seeing a post on a forum and
tweeting about it. I already clearly stated that I had not seen the DB

9 hours ago

killercube Kevin Stevens


@speekmeister It is not a rumor, it was a conversation on a criminal
forum. I never saw the DB so I can't verify if it is real.

29 Apr


The question is “Does the DB really exist ? looks like no one saw the DB yet !”


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