[Full-disclosure] Multiple vulnerabilities in MyBB

Hello list!

I want to warn you about Information Leakage, Abuse of Functionality,
Insufficient Anti-automation and Brute Force vulnerabilities in

Affected products:

Vulnerable are MyBB 1.6.3 and previous versions.

In recently released versions MyBB 1.6.3 and 1.4.16 the developers denied to
fix these vulnerabilities.


Information Leakage (WASC-13):

Logins are names of the users at the forum (and so it's possible to reveal
logins at forum's pages).

Abuse of Functionality (WASC-42):

Login enumeration is possible in these functionalities - by id it's possible
to reveal all logins:



Abuse of Functionality (WASC-42):


If to enter incorrect login and password and correct login and incorrect
password, then in second case the captcha shows. Which allows to reveal
logins (at that this process can be automated, because it doesn't protected
by captcha).

Insufficient Anti-automation (WASC-21):



These functionalities have no protection from automated attacks (captcha).

Brute Force (WASC-11):

In login form (http://site/member.php?action=login) the vulnerable captcha
is used, which shows after unsuccessful authentication attempt.

For bypassing of captcha the session reusing with constant captcha bypass
method is used, which described in my project Month of Bugs in Captchas


2011.03.12 - announced at my site.
2011.03.16 - informed developers.
2011.04.17 - developers didn't fix these vulnerabilities in released
versions MyBB 1.6.3 and 1.4.16.
2011.04.21 - disclosed at my site.

I mentioned about these vulnerabilities at my site

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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