Re: [Full-disclosure] Cipher detection

Thank you all, guys!

Valdis, Cal,

I'm almost there. ;)

Here're some more examples:

dummy@xxxxxxxxxxx GGobQ2bsqd64PXVAmaDiDBg=
eummy@xxxxxxxxxxx GWobQ2bsqd64PXVAmaDiDBg=
dummy@xxxxxxxxxx GGobQ2bsqd64PXVAmaDiDA==
dummy@example.@ex GGobQ2bsqd64PXVAmaDBBg0=
dummy GGobQ2Y=
dumm GGobQw==
eummy GWobQ2Y=
eumm GWobQw== GWcXQ2/AqYi6P2g= GGcXQ2/AqYi6P2g=
11111@xxxxxxxxxxx TS5HHy7sqd64PXVAmaDiDBg=
11111 TS5HHy4=

Looks like a base64+xor, am I right? And that's enough information for me.

Thanks again!

- Max
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