Re: [Full-disclosure] INSECT Pro 2.5 Release - Web scanner tool

Quoting runlvl <runlvl@xxxxxxxxx>:

Steve, thanks to the community support we are able to afford a hosting
for insect pro with unlimited bandwith. Now located in USA which
allows higher transfer rates.

We apologize if you got the wrong picture, but right now we don't need
unofficial hosting... I don't care if you want to share it with
whoever you want. I do appreciate your offer but we are going to pass
this time. We have official releases almost every weeks.

Thats funny, you seemed to be happy when he offered the mirror when he
did in the past.

Quoting Benji <me@xxxxxxxxx>
"The amount of the donation is not fixed."
Can I make a 0 euro donation?

I love that quote !, as the tool is supposed to be free, but with a
forced donation. Honnestly, using FD to advertising a tool that is not
free should not be autorized.

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