Re: [Full-disclosure] Buying Web Malware Samples

I need (JS/PDF/HTML/Exploit) malware samples, and I'm not a cheater.
If I say that I'll pay 500$ for best submission, I'll pay 500$ for it.

I won't pay before I see the stuff.
I don't want to pay 500$ for big zip file with garbage in it.

Best submission will be rewarded with 500$. That's it.
If you have what I need, and you are not satisfied with this arrangement,
find a way in which we'll both be satisfied...
give me access to place where I can inspect them or something like that.


On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 7:21 PM, McGhee, Eddie <Eddie.McGhee@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes lets all send out malware samples and *hope* you actually pay the
best submission, tell you what send me the $500 and ill send you a pretty
comprehensive tar full of samples.

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Hi folks,

I'm buying web malware samples... obfuscated malicious javascript, web
exploit kits, pdf malware, browser/activex exploits, etc.
I'm not interested in executable (PE/ELF) malware.
Contact me on email with download URL, or send ZIP/TAR/RAR malware archive
directly to my email (with changed archive extension to .MAL because of
gmail filtering).

After two weeks, contributions will be revisited and person with largest
collection of real web malware will receive prize of 500$.


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