Re: [Full-disclosure] Backdoor in OpenBSD Explained proof of Theo's lieying

--On December 16, 2010 4:25:27 PM -0500 musnt live <musntlive@xxxxxxxxx>

Is we has packet we is do this:

1) Program is write to take copy of messages before encryption and is
write to tmp file

Is no one is noticed this program or its temp file because everyone dumb
except us govt. Is program have cloaking feature that hide from everyone
except Klingons.

2) Program is write to split tmp file and insert into fragments on
wire at 2bytes

Is program is in memory but no one is noticed because everyone dumb except
us govt. Is ls can't find, is sockstat no good, is filestat dumb too.
Everything hide from everyone.

3) Program is write to send to random source and is someone watch, who
care. Is never tell 2 bytes is sifted for reassemble elsewhere. Is you
send packets to gOOgle, no one stop think about this.

Is you did, but you is obviously smarter than the average bear.

Packets =====-> Google
2bytes sniffed { reassemble bytes later }

Is anyone see packets who can tell what is go through the wire? No
one. Is ICMP used for covert backdoor or is this message can be sent
when someone browse in HTTP header later, or, e.g.:

Is ICMP not blocked at edge of network, because everyone dumber than rocks
and no one have IDS because is way to sofisticatable than the average bear.

Network Stack Program -- is someone ping with special ICMP code --
come to papa -- you send response to knocker with 2bytes in
unreachable. Knocker reassemble full message. Sidechannel backdoor!

If Papa have sniffer on your network, you is have bigger problem than papa.

Network stack program possible to blame as is Theo change ICMP in 2007
and he also was spoofing time, do not is believe me, is see for

Now we get to the bottom line. Theo is eeeeevvviiilll because, well Theo
is Theo.

From: Theo de Raadt <deraadt () cvs openbsd org>
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 20:17:36 -0600

Is yet, he send in 2007. For why is he underhanded the world?

Is he want to dominate world, because he is eeeevvvviiiillll. Just like
Bill Gates.....

Is you need me send you to some meds?

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