Re: [Full-disclosure] Allegations regarding OpenBSD IPSEC

On 12/15/2010 01:32 PM, Paul Schmehl wrote:
--On December 14, 2010 8:40:14 PM -0500 bugs@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
So for 10 years IPSEC has had a backdoor in it and not one person
the code has noticed it? Or even questioned it? That's a bit hard to
believe. It's along the same lines as the stories that Microsoft
all your packets and harvests your personal information.

Read The Cathedral and The Bazaar.

Yeah, just like there was no way to miss the SSL renegotiation flaw for
so many years. Or "The Kaminsky Bug". Or the recent downgrade flaw in
OpenSSL. Or..

Note all those examples are (assumed?) non-malicious. Imagine if really
knowledgeable programmers and crypto people got together to try to hide
such things. See the "Underhanded C" contest for examples.

This stuff is *hard*, and talent is valuable and already spread thin.

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