Re: [Full-disclosure] The GNU C library dynamic linker expands $ORIGIN in setuid library search path

Hanno Böck <hanno@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am Monday 18 October 2010 schrieb Tavis Ormandy:
# Open a file descriptor to the target binary (note: some users are
surprised # to learn exec can be used to manipulate the redirections of
the current # shell if a command is not specified. This is what is
happening below). $ exec 3< /tmp/exploit/target

I tried to reproduce this on Gentoo and it fails at this point. It seems
the reason is that suid-binaries are not world-readable on Gentoo (on
Debian they are) - this seems to be a useful security measure.

Hi Hanno, I explained why this is insufficient in the Notes section of my
advisory, along with some example code to circumvent this.


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