Re: [Full-disclosure] Fwd: ipv6 flaw (is bullshit)


the prosecution has refused to comply with discovery, effectively quietly
droppin the charges. I walk.

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 3:35 PM, king of pain <n3ptun3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mr. Auernheimer,

..."Notions of criminal activity"[1]. Interesting. ZDNet is funded by sheep
dumb enough to swallow retweeted blogcruft on shiny magazine stock. Why
don't you represent yourself in a court if it's so libelous? And also if you
do in fact have a brand you should register a trademark or servicemark to
protect your rights.

How's that narcotics case coming along? 4 felonies was it?You claim you
hacking iPads is a free speech case and, after all your bragging of
substance abuse on the iProphet video, you suggest you may not hold
culpability for this possession of this contraband because of your "landmark
free speech case"? [2]

Enjoy Prison.


You people at zdnet are also part of the problem. You are just another hack
clogging the tubes with your spam and cruft. We don't need 50 news sources
with identical content - you just get into blackhat spamwars with
sensational article titles, topics on Google News and Magazine covers to get
people to buy. You're a dying a breed. For christ sakes, instead of being a
bunch of pretentious losers in thick rimmed glasses trying to hit on
attention whores who don't put out. What is the matter with you.


[1] AUERNHEIMER, ANDREW. weev loves you. 2010-10-18. URL: Accessed: 2010-10-18. (Archived by WebCite®at<>
[2] AUERNHEIMER, ANDREW. Hypocrites and pharisees. 2010-10-18. URL: Accessed: 2010-10-18. (Archived
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Dear ZDnet,

This story:

is someone talking straight out of their ass. We have no such

exploit, If we did have such an exploit, there is absolutely no way we

would share it with external parties. Not 4chan, not anyone. Due to

the immense success and resiliency of the Linux platform, a 0-day

kernel remote is worth serious money ($100k+ if you know the right

buyers), and we would have given it to the highest bidder or put it on

Bugtraq for maximum industry publicity. We would not have given it

away for free to ineffectual idiots in their moms basements who aren't

accomplishing anything.

Beyond that, many of my closest friends make their living off of

intellectual property. I do not support defacement and DDoS as a

method of protest against anything, especially not a childish protest

against copyright. Authors have a right to charge however much they

please for their creative works. The people involved with these DDoS

attacks and web site defacements need to grow up and do something

useful with their lives.

This article is ridden with a number of verifiably false errors. I'm

sure a quick talk with Eugene from the Red Hat Linux corporation (he

is cc'd to this email) could get you in touch with Linus who could

confirm that no such communication with us ever existed. In addition,

while I am probably one of the most skilled web application and

browser exploit hackers in the world, I do not do kernel bugs. I have

never done kernel work, with the exception of some stuff I did years

ago related to Mac OS X kext. Every single bit of my previous public

research has been related to a web browser bug or a web application

bug. If someone in Goatse Security were to be involved with the

creation of a kernel-related exploit, it would not be me.

Lastly, my contact info is amazingly public. I was awake and checking

my email when your story was posted, and for the 11 or so hours

preceeding it. I have also talked with reporters at ZDnet previously,

including ZDnet Australia. So the next time you have the urge to print

libelous, sensational misinformation defaming both the integrity of my

information security working group and the security of Linux, please

give me an e-mail or phonecall first. The contact info is on the

Goatse Security website. I should be informed of this stuff by your

"journalists" (who are supposed to do things such as contact parties

involved in a suspect claim from a random anonymous idiot on the

Internet) and not someone from a major software vendor.



On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 2:35 AM, Eugene Teo <eugene@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Weev,

I read a ZDNet news report that you have discovered a Linux kernel

vulnerability, and I am wondering if you will be willing to share the technical

details of the flaw.

Thanks, Eugene


Eugene Teo / Red Hat Security Response Team


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