Re: [Full-disclosure] Nmap NOT VULNERABLE to Windows DLL Hijacking Vulnerability

jf <jf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I still don't see how this is really MSFTs fault. I mean ...theres a
fairly clear warning on MSDN for LoadLibrary & SearchPath ...

Do not confuse: SearchPath is not the issue.

Yes, there is a warning, which is recent:
... we recognize that this guidance may not always have been very
clear. We recently published an MSDN article, "Dynamic-Link Library
Security" that provides specific guidance ...

and that says:
Consider removing the current directory from the DLL search path by
calling SetDllDirectory with an empty string ("").

If the default would have been "no current dir in search path" (but apps
would have needed to specifically add it if they really wanted to), then
there would be no issue.

Shame that some MS apps (Powerpoint maybe?) are affected.


jf <jf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
An "exploit scenario" for nmap ...
Yeah, good luck with that.

Rohit Patnaik <quanticle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
One problem with your scenario: any person sophisticated enough ...

Did I say that my "nmap exploit" was likely to succeed? Most home users
do not have nmap. Any person sophisticated enough, will just delve into
the source and fix it himself.

Cheers, Paul

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School of Mathematics and Statistics University of Sydney Australia

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