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On Tue, 8 Jun 2010 12:16:59 -0700
Sagar Belure <sagar.belure@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi list,

TMAC for Linux, is a bash program written for the purpose of changing the
MAC address of network interface cards in Linux OS, provided it has Bash
shell environment.
Please check the details and some sort of, funny description about it.

This has been successfully tested with Ubuntu system.
Suggestions are welcome.

Sagar Belure
Security Analyst
Secfence Technologies

I programmed such a little toolchain written in KSH already and tested
it. Back then no pdKSH was needed and it worked with almost all generic
shells if I remember correctly.

Shamelessly stolen from my own README:
The toolchain allows you to:
 - choose and set a random MAC
 - choose and set a random MAC of a specific vendor
 - search for a vendor-specific MAC address-space
 - search for a vendor if you do know the MAC
 - using it in other scripts to do automated tasks if needed

Usage: ./ <options> [device]

-a List all available MAC-vendor list
-h Show help and exit
-l List MAC addresses associated with system devices
-R Assign a random MAC address from known MAC-vendor list
(This option requires root privileges)
-v Show version and exit

Spot the difference...
Don't get confused while reading both the READMEs parallely. (I know
it happens).

Tested on: Darwin/DragonFly/FreeBSD/Linux/OpenBSD
Feedback is welcome because I think work should not get done twice...

If you like to take a look:

Kind regards,

Sagar Belure
Security Analyst
Secfence Technologies

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