[Full-disclosure] Compliance Is Wasted Money, Study Finds

If a business wants to accept credit cards as a means of payment (based on
volume) then part of their agreement is that they must undergo compliance to
a standard implemented by the industry

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliances is what people HAVE to do, as in
FORCED to do whether they want to or not, in order to be able to process
credit cards.

the problem is that without this compliance you can't work with CC !!!

While I have heard the same thing repeated many times, I've never found a
credible source for the claim that "all breaches involved fully PCI
compliant processors."

According to the 2009 Verizon Business Breach Report, 81% of the attack
victims were not PCI compliant:

Is PCI Compliance a giant bluff from VISA? Have any large companies ever
been forced to stop processing CCs because they failed to be PCI compliant?

According to the Verizon report 81% of attack victims were not PCI
compliant. Ok then how is that they were still processing the CCs that
became compromised?

Or does VISA come in after a large company has PCI data breached and then
claim "oh but they're not compliant because of X that wasn't correctly
identified during their last audit"? How many of those breached companies
were PCI certified at the time of the breach only to have it taken away post
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