[Full-disclosure] StreamArmor v1.0 has Released!!!

*StreamArmor* is the sophisticated tool for discovering hidden alternate
data streams (ADS) as well as clean them completely from the system. It's
advanced auto analysis coupled with online threat verification mechanism
makes it the best tool available in the market for eradicating the evil
streams. StreamArmor comes with fast multi threaded ADS scanner which can
recursively scan over entire system and quickly uncover all hidden streams.
All such discovered streams are represented using specific color patten
based on threat level which makes it easy for human eye to distinguish
between suspicious and normal streams.

StreamArmor has built-in advanced file type detection mechanism which
examines the content of file to accurately detect the file type of stream.
This makes it great tool in forensic analysis in uncovering hidden
documents/images/audio/video/database/archive files within the alternate
data streams. StreamArmor is the standalone, portable application which does
not require any installation. It can be copied to any place in the system
and executed directly.

To *Read more* & to *Download* the tool, check out :
http://www.StreamArmor.com <http://www.streamarmor.com/>

What others think about SecurityArmor v1.0?

Thank you for choosing Rootkit Analytics!

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