[Full-disclosure] Voting for bans

Hi FD,

let's face it: "Andrew Wallace" a.k.a. "netd3v", also appearing as "James O'
Hare" is back on the list.
We all know that the email address he used to use is banned. We also know
that our inboxes are filled with crap since he returned some weeks ago.

What can we do?

Not much. He showed us several times, that "talking" to him makes no sense.
He is struggling for reactions on his topics, and he will always get some
reactions (Yes, even if I don't respond). The noise in the last days was
So my proposal is that we vote to ban his new address
We can (and should!) ban all his future addresses upon recognition, unless
he comes back with a new persona (which is quite unlikely).

We have the freedom to ban him from your inboxes. Let's do it!


Anyone still has a link/picture to the defcon stickers from 2008? (was it
2008?) I would prefer a good resolution so that I can print it out and hang
it in the office.
All I found was this one, on a shirt, which isn't so good for my office wall
because of hotness: http://img142.imageshack.us/i/n3td3vsuxft5.jpg/
and this shirt .. http://img92.imageshack.us/i/backeh7.jpg/
and the related song ...
Feel free to send it (Image, Link to Image) to me privately - please don't
annoy the whole list on that subject. ;)
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