Re: [Full-disclosure] SecurityFocus to partially shut down

2010/3/16 james o' hare <jamesohare69@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Jan G.B. <ro0ot.w00t@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
install your damn wiki on localhost.

Did you think people were about to create systems for monitoring
Twitter and invite the public to sign up, that would be suicide for a
company or government's security operations.

Would you want anyone knowing how you collect intelligence at your
company or government and have the public be able to *sign up*?

You're kidding...


Andrew, it seems like you didn't get the message correct. I translate from
"uberl337 professional bushman-slang" to netd3vish: eat shit and die, but
please do it elsewhere.

In case you were ironic when babbling about twitter, wiki and an aggregator:
wow. I really thought you were *that* stupid. But it wasn't funny nor
informative. so… stop trolling.
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