[Full-disclosure] SecurityFocus to partially shut down

*Since its inception in 1999, SecurityFocus has been a mainstay in the
security community. From original news content to detailed technical papers
and guest columnists, we’ve strived to be the community’s source for all
things security related. SecurityFocus was formed with the idea that the
community needed a place to come together and share its collected wisdom and
knowledge. *
* At the time, the security community was fairly fragmented with mainstream
security information in its infancy. If you worked in security, it was
difficult and frustrating to find the information you were looking for
because it was scattered across a small number of mailing lists, sites and
publications. There was no single place where a community of security
professionals could go to get the information they needed and there was a
unique opportunity to build a community portal that would provide its users
with a destination and voice....*



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