[Full-disclosure] Yahoo! UK and US Hiring Security and Risk management experts

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Looking for a dream job?

Yahoo! is hiring security consultants worldwide 25-35 to help join
our new Cyber Security Task Force.

We are working with the government to provide a security service
for our web and messenger platforms. Especially people with
experience harvesting vital intelligence, which is the life blood
of our security system. All aspects of security, risk management,
analysis. We embody the paranoid, professional spirit of
corporatism. With delight (and muffins!)

At Yahoo!, big thinking comes with the territory. When your work
reaches over half a billion users--that's 1 out of every 2 people
online--there's no small task. We need creative minds that can take
us new places. Individuals who want to positively impact their
career--and the world at large. We're looking for Big Thinkers who
embody the fun, innovative, collaborative spirit that's uniquely

We're looking for people like you. To protect it.

I look forward to seeing your applications. Let's protect our data.
Let's create the future, together.

Henri Torgemane
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