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Actually Valdis, it seems like all of this may be for naught. It has been brought to my attention that drafting a contract with Dr. Wright wouldn't be in my best interest. Apparently, he's known for not keeping to the "spirit" of contracts when money is concerned.

Now, if I were an ass, I might be tempted to publish the information found at

but fortunately for the parties involved, I'm not. Entering into a contract where willful misconduct and lying under oath may ensue is not my idea of a smart business move. I'm not saying Dr. Wright did any of those things, (even though others have), I'm just saying that if one can't define what "product" means, then I doubt one can successfully define what "probability of compromise" means either. Good money is on letting this one die as it lies (no pun intended). So I must regretfully rescind my challenge, or not accept his, or whatever it was at this point.

Now, if I were REALLY as ass, I would point out something like though Dr. Wright has a degree in law, between him and his attorney, the best they could come up with when emails were found on his system and phone calls were on his cell bill was the "it wasn't me" defense. But again, I won't point that out. It would be just plain mean.

If I REALLY REALLY were an ass, I would further point out the irony of a master of digital forensics not being able to properly delete emails from his computer in the first place, or the rumor that AU has this thing call "krypshun," but I won't mention that either. That would be both crass and insensitive of me.

'twer I an ass cubed, I would take this opportunity to reference a Princess Bride joke in regard to the source of iocane powder (that one's for you, Laura) but again, I'll suffer internally to protect the innocent.

So I'll bow out. Craig, you win buddy. While I may never know what the Magic Number the Improbability Engine might have produced (now that Douglas has passed on) at least I know that criteria one must meet in order to be a Security Hero.

Thanks for playing everyone. Good luck, and good night!


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On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 07:02:43 +1100, "Craig S. Wright" said:
" Plain and simple. Produce the contract, here, publically. I'll
produce my $100,000 that you match, in escrow. If the system gets
breached, any way I choose,

What happens if the system gets breached, but in a way not of your

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