Re: [Full-disclosure] Disk wiping -- An alternate approach?

download truecrypt and add a "custom cascade of ciphers" to your
truecrypt source code... so that your truecrypt hidden volume will be
very hard to bruteforced with off the self tools (which is what most

No "off-the-shelf" tool exists for cracking any of the existing ciphers
used in TrueCrypt beyond those that speed up a brute-force attack (like
the Tableau TACC1441), but those tools just speed up the password->key
generation process .. they aren't even attempting a true "keyspace" attack.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

PS: as for "custom ciphers", I hear 2 rounds of ROT13 is pretty good, 4
is even better, and with 6 rounds, it's practically invincible.

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