Re: [Full-disclosure] Disk wiping -- An alternate approach?

and also lol @ maybe USELESS, try making the MAYBE in caps..

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No you don't understand, your premise is shit. Research what's already being done instead of trying to improve what you don't understand.

lol @ ddos.

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Enough noise, Lets wrap up:

Someone said: "Forensics requires more than merely finding a phrase or
file on a hard drive - it requires establishing the context. If a
court accepts evidence without that context, then the defendant should
appeal on the basis of having an incompetent lawyer."

So, any evidence/broken-text/suspicious phrases etc found in a
computer "without meta-data" maybe USELESS........... REMEMBER.

Having a normal OS with forensic signature ZERO would be a simple yet
powerful project. Programmers??? it isnt difficult work..... few
months, 1 person project.

Worm defense is smart as well as deadlock at times, the prospective i
presented can be used as a FALLBACK at times.

Maybe something like Alice/chatterbox run through the
free/slack/etc... space of your 1 TB harddisk is a intellectual dDoS!

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