Re: [Full-disclosure] Disk wiping -- An alternate approach?

You made the argument against youself; apparently you didn't comprehend the
points made in 90% of the on-topic responces to this thread.

On Jan 27, 2010 9:34 AM, "Bipin Gautam" <bipin.gautam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

McGhee & T Biehn !

Thankyou for putting up your "best" argument.... sadly that is the
BEST technical thing you happen to pick............. in this topic to
comment about........


On 1/27/10, McGhee, Eddie <Eddie.McGhee@xxxxxxx> wrote: > and also lol @
maybe USELESS, try making ...

<bipin.gautam@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:bipin.gautam@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote: > > Enough
noise, Lets wrap up: > >...
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