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Gmen use Gmail how appropriate.

There is a point here, who's to say that there is full disclosure of the result of the scan?

But then again when professional and qualified pen-testers are used is there full disclosure?

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who to trust?

I'm not professional nor skilled enough yet to trust myself, but when I am, I could still have an off day.
I am smart enough however to never submit a mission critical site to any online scanning system,
especially when unaware of the methods used. And I would never presume a site to be safe even if the scan reported so.

This system did reveal 3 low level security risks I did not detect with Nikto and Nessus.
However as I am a novice, this could have been a result of my lack of skill in using these tools.


Michael Holstein wrote:
This definitely sounds like a clueless federal agent.
Especially since he uses an autogenerated email address.

Yeah, because government employees want to state on-the-record from
their email address that "China is bad, m'kay?". Actually, in
all my (informal) contacts with FBI folks, I've never had one of them
say to use their "official" email address, it's always Gmail (or
something else) with PGP at the client side.

By the way, the FBI folks I've dealt with have been anything but
clueless. It's the local barny-fife types that provide the hilarity.

Get with the program........the internet is wide open for people to scan.

True, but when I see a bunch of *unsolicited* scans I know they're
malicious. You're asking for them, and then you don't know what happens
to the results.

It's not paranoia when they really *are* out to get you.


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