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Hello. List.

I’m pentesting IPTV.

Our IPTV network structure is this.

Monitor - IPTV - VDSL modem - ISP

So, for packet manipulation

I have to ARP spoofing or change network structure

Monitor - IPTV - attacker - VDSL modem - ISP

But, I don’t know IPTV SetupBox(STB)’s netmask and gateway address.

So I wanna make this network

Monitor - IPTV - attacker - VDSL modem - ISP

Attacker is a computer.

This computer have two NIC.

Two NIC only transmit and receive packet. They have no IP address.

I wanna manipulate this packet’s field

Do you know how make this network?

Do you know tools that manipulate every packet (http, rstp, igmp, etc,.)?



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