Re: [Full-disclosure] stupid question again

On Fri, 11 Dec 2009 20:00:34 CST, RandallM said:
i am so sorry. I just don't understand this. Computer is infected. user has
DNS redirects to any and all site for help. Why can't the good guys use some
type of fast flux or url obfuscation to hide help standalone software to
down load and use?

Hint - if you can find it, or the good guys software can find it, the bad
guys software can *also* find it and disable the queries.

Sure, if is really, but
only till midnite, then you need to look at
that's not going to help you get your machine disinfected, is it?

Heck - the bad guys don't even need to know how it's generated - they can
get a pretty good idea by just tapping into the DNS resolver library and
looking for obfuscated names they don't fast-flux themselves. Just tossing
out www.anything, mail.anything, and maybe 3-4 others, and you're looking
at a pretty damned good filter for the good-guys fast-flux sites.

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