[Full-disclosure] Impersonation is a against the law.


It has come to my attention that my client is being impersonated.

Securityfocus slandered n3td3v in 2006 causing him to drop out of

n3td3v hasn't been the same health wise since he was targeted by
Securityfocus and HackerFactor.

n3td3v has had breakdowns from being accused of being a troll or
accused of being involved with trolls.

It was hurtful for n3td3v to be labelled a "security troll" after
his years of dedication to fighting cybercrime and reporting
intelligence to vendors.

It's also been hurtful that individual users of Full-disclosure
mailing list have targeted him in calling him a troll, everything
n3td3v has said is sincere and is nothing to do with trolling.

n3td3v was wrongfully banned from Full-disclosure mailing list
after anonymous users decided to write emails with false truths
about n3td3v, to upset n3td3v to get a reaction out of him.

There is now a problem with people pretending to be n3td3v and
pretending to be speaking on behalf of him, this is a really
damaging situation for n3td3v.

n3td3v has been unable to share his home grown computer skills with
anyone due to the personal attacks which have affected his personal

n3td3v began in 1999 where he learnt how hackers worked and learned
the tools of the trade, he quickly used his knowledge to pass
useful information to yahoo about folks who were trying to
compromise them.

n3td3v went onto Full-disclosure mailing list after a fall out with
a Yahoo engineer who had used n3td3v's information about hackers to
get further up the corporate ladder at yahoo.

n3td3v left Full-disclosure mailing list in 2006 to gain official
qualifications at university, and by October Securityfocus and
HackerFactor wrongfully post slander about n3td3v.

n3td3v began to think he was being followed in real life such was
the psychological impact of a good guy being talked about as a bad
guy by Securityfocus.

n3td3v couldn't take the pressure anymore and dropped out of the
university course which would have made him a security professional.

It was n3td3v's only chance to get a career in information
security, now ruined by the folks from Securityfocus, HackerFactor
and individuals from Full-disclosure mailing list.

n3td3v returned to Full-disclosure mailing list after dropping out
of university to try and clear his name but was set upon by
anonymous users who claimed the n3td3v group was fake.

The list administrator of Full-disclosure mailing list took sides
with the anonymous users who were claiming n3td3v was a troll and a
liar, the list administrator publicly addressed n3td3v and banned

After n3td3v was banned from Full-disclosure mailing list in 2009,
anonymous users started to impersonate him, and claim they were
speaking on behalf of him to further damage his reputation.

In 2009 n3td3v deleted the n3td3v group (the mailing list for the
n3td3v group on Google Groups) as the personal attacks continued to
plague his integrity.

n3td3v remains unemployed as of 2009 and is still suffering
psychological problems socially and is unable to lead a normal life.

n3td3v is unable to work due to lack of official qualifications and
the personal problems he has due to the personal attacks placed
upon him, n3td3v however without official qualifications is a very
capable candidate for a future role in the information security

It's a sad case, let's hope in future we don't treat our young
people in a way that they can't shine to show their talents.

Stop Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying

Laugh at it and you're part of it

Wikipedia entry on Cyber-bullying

False statements made by Securityfocus

False statements made by HackerFactor


About Andrew Wallace:

Q: How did you get into Cyber Security?
A: From 1999 I learned knowledge on how hackers operate and the
tools of the trade, soon I had learned enough to start passing
useful information to Yahoo security representatives on hackers who
were trying to compromise them.

Q: Why did you start the n3td3v Google Groups group?
A: From 2004 I started the n3td3v group to act as a central hub for
open source intelligence items.

Q: I invited people from the Full-disclosure mailing list to
utilize the information.
A: It worked pretty well with the user interface, I ended the group
2009 as it was unclear who it was providing open source
intelligence to.

Q: Who were the subcribers of the group?
A: The group was pretty mixed, I had folks from the private and
public sector on there, pretty much a cross section of the security

Q: Are you a hacker or security researcher?
A: I would say I was a security researcher, although I do pose as a
hacker sometimes to get information out of people.

Q: Was that the reasoning behind calling yourself n3td3v?
A: Pretty much, it was used in the beginning days to get
information out of folks by posing as a hacker. The name caught on,
and decided to stick with it to name the Google Groups group with.

Q: What are you up to these days?
A: I've moved on with my interest. I would like to get into a
national security role now as a natural progression of what I've
been doing the whole time.

Q: Have you been approached for a job in national security?
A: Not so far, although you never know what might happen in the

Q: Did you enjoy the bad press from SecurityFocus?
A: That was pretty much out of order what happened, I don't know
the reasoning behind what they did.
I guess SecurityFocus were interested in me, so wanted to know
more about me.

Andrew Wallace, MI7, iJTTF
Royal Antisec -/- n3td3v intelli

Undergound websites:
http://www.cnet.com/profile/n3td3v/ - Cyber intelligence comments

if u r from the British Government I amlooking for jobs in national
xploitable@xxxxxxxxx andrew.wallace@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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