Re: [Full-disclosure] OS Commerce authentication bypass (ANONYMOUS REMOTE CODE EXECUTION)

I can confirm this vulnerability, having done research on it recently.
See also:

For those who can't read past three lines: This results in ANONYMOUS
REMOTE CODE EXECUTION due to the availability of the file manager

Patch: no official patches known

Somehow, the osCommerce developers don't consider this important
enough to release a new 2.2 version. I believe there was one patch
attempted in their git repository, but if you read their forums, all
you get are a bunch of misguided posts on how to disable the file
manager or change the default path of /admin/.

After researching a number of public flaws in osCommerce and the
development team's reaction to them, I'm quite concerned that so many
people actually use this application. The osCommerce team's reaction
to this issue is an embarassment to open source and PHP development,

This is not the CSRF issue CVE-2009-0408 as there is no CSRF used in
the above attack. Vulnerability #2 at (recently added) seems to be it,
but I don't see why it's lumped in with the CSRF flaw...

Yes, this very much adds to the confusion of the issue.

Secunia: Please fix your listing. CSRF is still an issue in the admin
area, but the bigger (separate) issue is a complete authentication
bypass in a badly designed /admin/ area.


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